Robert Anderson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Telecom4Good

Robert Anderson is the CEO and founder of Telecom4Good, a non-profit organization that aims to improve internet quality and reduce cost for the Humanitarian/NGO sector globally, particularly in Africa. He has 20+ years of experience in global communications and works with a network of nonprofit leaders to find solutions for telecommunications problems faced by NGOs. Anderson leads Telecom4Good with the goal of using technology for good and supports NGOs through IT solutions, cost savings, equipment, and strategies. Telecom4Good started with the Wholesale Internet Co-op in Africa and Southeast Asia and has grown through partnerships with NGOs, ISPs, and Cisco Meraki.

Telecom4Good is Cisco’s largest non-profit reseller in the US and provides discounts exclusively for nonprofits and NGOs globally. They help nonprofits and NGOs with their “Going Green” initiatives through their No-Cost Nonprofit IT Equipment Recycling Program. Through their partnership with Cisco, the program enables non-profits to recycle their unused IT equipment in an environmentally sustainable manner, contributing to the creation of a Global Circular Economy. The equipment is picked up and either reused, remanufactured, or recycled down to the raw materials for the manufacture of new IT equipment.

Humanitarian/NGO sector

Robert Anderson uses his knowledge and skills in technology to support various humanitarian and development initiatives around the world. He helps solve some of the world’s pressing problems by improving access to essential services, supporting sustainable development, and promoting equality and justice for all.