Aaron Turner

Founder, Hybridge Ventures | IANS Faculty

Aaron Turner is a multi-decade veteran of the cybersecurity community. He has worked on building security products while at Microsoft for eight years in the late 90’s and early 00’s. He joined a US Government research team to evaluate how distributed computing systems could be attacked to damage critical infrastructure and then later founded a series of companies focused on solving the toughest cybersecurity challenges. Aaron has been an IANS Faculty member since 2006 and has trained tens of thousands of security professionals to help them improve their technical and risk management skills. He is also a member of the RSAC Program Committee, helping to shape one of the industry’s largest events. Aaron founded Hybridge Ventures to focus on bridging gaps between current cybersecurity needs and existing products and services available on the market. He is also a Cloud Security Evangelist for Vectra and Chairman of Integricell.