J.Cleve Adams

Five-Time Tech CEO; Cyber Investor; Cybersecurity, AI, SaaS & ESG Analytics Markets M&A Advisor; Board Member; Keynote Speaker; Member of the Forbes CEO Council. Started Cybersecurity Titan Websense (now Forcepoint )

Cleve has been named one of the Top 50 Non-Technical Founders In Tech Industry History. He is a 5 time award winning VC/PE backed software CEO managing companies from pre-revenue to over $2 Billion. Cleve has 20+ years of senior management, operations, sales and marketing experience in Security software, AI, Mobile, Wireless, SaaS/Cloud, Mobile security, digital and social media and Fintech. Cleve has raised over $100M from tier one VCs for multiple companies.

Cleve led the team that started security titan Websense and grew them from pre-revenue to a $1 Billion IPO in less than 3 years, subsequently sold to Raytheon for $2 billion.