Benett Kelly

Founder of Internet Law Center; Former Host of Cyber Law & Business Report; Award-Winning Journalist

Bennet Kelly is a leading Internet lawyer who has been in the forefront advising, testifying, lobbying, litigating, writing and/or presenting on cutting edge issues such as spam, spyware, keyword search liability, online marketing, net neutrality, cyber harassment, cyber security, internet gambling and FTC compliance.

Bennet is a thought leader on internet law and policy as host of Cyber Law & Business Report, publisher of the award-winning Cyber Report and contributor to various law journals and publications. He has served as in-house and outside general counsel for an array of entertainment and technology companies, including ValueClick, ETM Entertainment Network, Hi-Speed Media and

Bennet has extensive public speaking experience including legal seminars across the globe, legislative testimony and political speeches both domestically and abroad, plus scores of print and broadcast radio interviews. He is an award-winning political columnist.