ISSA-LA Information Security Summit XII


Dark side of the digital revolution includes evermore-realistic deepfakes, sophisticated phishing scams, and a high-rate of ransomware attacks among all industries. The lack of media literacy among employees has placed cybersecurity and privacy skills as a top priority for today’s new job candidates. Chief Privacy Officers and privacy professionals are needed to build a ‘Culture of Privacy’ within organizations as data privacy regulations around the world continue to fragment and the repercussions for non-compliance include hefty fines and possibly even criminal penalties in some jurisdictions. In the world of data privacy, businesses must map the data that needs to be protected according to the geographies in which they do business and prioritize risks.

Surfing Cyber – Navigating the Swells of Security Threats, Insurance Issues, and Executive Challenges. Presented by a “seasoned cyber smoke jumper” who has handled thousands of breach events and is a cyber insurance expert, this session is designed for senior executives and focused on overall enterprise leadership and risk management issues faced by CEOs, COOs, General Counsels and CISOs in relation to cyber security. The presentation will cover technical threats including ransomware attacks, intrusions, email compromises, invoice scams and other major incidents that can create a groundswell of financial losses and wipeout organizations. It will float statistics from the insurance industry, discuss pertinent areas in the underwriting process, and provide proactive measures that executives can do today to mitigate risk. The session will give attendees an idea of what it’s really like to be in the boardroom during a cyber event, help identify systemic and process vulnerabilities, and get a leash on concrete tactics they can take back to their organizations to create a holistic cyber strategy in support of its enterprise risk management objectives. The session will include an interactive Q&A.

2 Guys and a Dog. The story of Websense. Cybersecurity’s First Unicorn!

Cleve Adams shares his experience starting 26 years ago with the beginning of Cybersecurity and his adventure of starting and growing the first Cybersecurity Unicorn, Websense. He built Websense from 2 guys, a dog and a plastic table to a $1B IPO in 3 years the top IPO IN San Diego history. Partnering with Cisco, Checkpoint and Microsoft along the way and subsequently landing over 20,000 corporate customers, 1100 resellers and distributors in 82 countries. The company eventually sold to Raytheon for $2 Billion.

I am a professional thief and I’M BACK! When you walk down city streets, through the hallways of office buildings, or ride an elevator up to your hotel room….what do you see? Most of us simply see the world as we’re expected to: Stores that are open or closed. Institutions that have a main entrance we’re expected to use. Doors and floors that are only accessible to us if we are credentialed and authorized to be there….that is not the world that I see. My name is Deviant, and I run covert entry operations with a team of similarly-trained experts. We break into buildings — picking locks, bypassing alarms, attacking the access control systems — and report our findings to clients around the world!




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